Dogs Welcome B&B Exmoor Porlock Vale NT Farmhouse

Well behaved dogs are welcome to stay with us too for £5 per night.  

They can stay in your room overnight, but please do not leave them unattended unless you have a dog cage with you.

You may have water in the room on the trays provided, but please feed your dogs outside by your car.

Please bring your own doggie bedding - but if you forget please ask for some.  Occasionally visiting dogs get nervous and make a mess in the room - if this happens please let us know so that we can arrange to get it cleaned up - we quite understand as we have dogs of our own!

We do ask that you try to keep them off the furniture, but if they insist on getting on the sofa or bed please ask for a protective sheet for them.

Please keep your dog on a lead when inside the house,  in the garden, or on the lane.  Some visiting dogs have chased and harmed our chickens and scare the other animals!  There are miles and miles of walking countryside just outside the door, so please do not allow them to run free on our land - there are a lot of chickens around EVERYWHERE and we have lost chickens to visiting dogs!

In the interests of public hygiene - and especially for the sake of the children - if your dog messes in the front garden, please pick it up.  We have bags available, and can dispose of the bag safely.

Please do not wash your dog in the bath or shower.  There is access to the river opposite or in Bossington village.  Towels are available if you would like one.

If you would like your dog to join you at breakfast please ask - they must be kept on a lead in the public areas of the house and garden as we also have dogs, a cat, and many other animals.

Dogs are not allowed around the Centre as they scare the birds and animals, and in the interests of health and safety of our animals and other visitors.

Thank you and we hope you and your dogs enjoy their stay with us.