Laysha web

Another recent addition to our owl collection, (2010) Laysha is a real favourite, with her laid back manner making her ideal for working with our many clients. Being a member of the Strix family of owls it is closely related to our Tawny Owl (Strix aluco).  When you visit you can often see Laysha showing off her ballet skirts on her perch in the 'sunshine'!   She really is a very splendid owl.   When she is flown she is typically lazy like many Strix owls, but oh so gentle as she lands on your gloved hand.  A really special experience!


These owls are from tropical forested areas of the coastal strip from India, Sri Lanka, parts of South Western China, down through Burma (Myanmar), the Malay peninsula & into Sumatra & Borneo. As with many species of owl around the world, little is known about this rather secretive species in the wild.

The IUCN classify the Brown Wood Owl as being of "Least Concern" over its entire territory, but in localised regions deforestation is seriously affecting the population, as it is many species of plant and animal.

The Brown Wood Owl is a strictly nocturnal hunter, indicated by its large dark brown eyes, and feeds mainly on small mammals, birds up to the size of pheasants, fruit bats, reptiles & some insects, being very much a post and pounce hunter. The Brown Owl's breeding season is from January through to April. They build their own nests in tree cavities, caves or on cliff ledges and line them with a few feathers. The clutch size is 1-2 eggs which are incubated for 30 days.