Chaco Owl - Strix chacoensis - Chack

CHACO head

Chack joined our collection in 2013, as a replacement for little Tinka the First!  He is a very beautiful little bird, still a member of the same family group as the Tawny and Wood Owls, so enjoys flying in a sheltered environment.  We are training him to be one of the Barn Team.  As we have ended his second season, we are finding that he is one of the best, most consistent fliers in the collection - always willing to please and fly to your glove.


The Chaco Owl is a medium-sized owl that is found in southern South America, from the Chaco region of southern Bolivia (Santa Cruz), SW Paraguay and to Argentina, south to Córdoba and Buenos Aires provinces. This owl inhabits both dense and open forests and shrubs on hilly, rolling and flat areas. 

It feeds mainly small mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, scorpions and centipedes. Chaco Owl is mainly nocturnal and crepuscular (low light of dawn and dusk), and rests during the day in tree cavities, dense brush, isolated trees or even on the ground. 

In some areas it is quite common, but not widely so, in other areas being rather scarce, although not considered to be threatened on the global level, local populations of this species may be vulnerable to habitat changes.