Animals, and horses in particular, are great communicators, and great healers.  They seem to understand people, as do dogs, and they appear to share their feelings and thoughts with others.  They certainly have a 'sixth sense' which we find hard to understand but they try to work with us and become part of our 'human herd', and we try to listen to them and embrace their gentle ways.

Over the years we have had dozens of local students on work experience, apprenticeships and seasonal workers.  The birds of prey enable some of these youngsters to progress to full time careers with other falconry centres, whereas the horses encourage all our youngsters to build up their own self-confidence and self esteem, and to provide a learning experience of life in the company of such noble animals.  Mizse was the master in this field, and with his passing we miss his ability to ask us "Can you handle me?" , "Can you show me that I can trust you?", "When you talk to me I will share all my secrets with you!"

Students who work here at Exmoor Owl & Hawk Centre need to be able to show the following qualities:  passion, commitment, patience, ability to watch, observe and listen to the animals, kindness but firmness, gentle but positive handling, and dedication.  Then the animals will respond.  The students will learn behavioural techniques of training and will grow in confidence and their own self development.    Strangely, academic qualifications or certificates are not important,  but  the other qualities listed above are essential.

Thank you to all our horses for teaching us so much, but a special 'Thank You' to Mizse for allowing us to help you in your last months here with us. We miss you Mizse, and will always remember you.  We thank Alex from Story-Well for visiting Mizse and helping us all unravel his story and for giving him comfort and healing.  During his time here Mizse taught us all patience, understanding and listening skills, from which all of us and our horses can benefit into the future.  Please visit 'Mizse's Page' on the Exmoor Riding website to understand his story.